CharlesAznavourTelAviv1NRJ Music Awards “: Adele ignites Cannes for his first stage since the Oscars

PERFORMANCE – A few days after the release of his song “Hello”, Adele is back on stage for the first time since the Oscars in 2013. And for a great time, she chose the “NRJ Music Awards 2015,” for show unfortunately registered in advance.

“Hello, it’s me …”. These words, you inevitably hear them: they are those of the brand new single from Adele. British singer will soon be back in stores with his album “25”, but in the meantime it is on the stage of “NRJ Music Awards” regaining its audience.

This was indeed more than two years she had not performed on stage. And for a size of opportunity: in 2013, she sang his worldwide hit “Skyfall” on the stage of the Oscars, the US. And since nothing, not one single concert or the least. The star had focused on his mom’s life and preparing for his new album.

A service registered in advance

The audience as viewers were delighted with this provision, and did not hesitate to inform their joy, their respect and emotion on social networks. Their only complaint? The provision for beautiful she was, was recorded in advance: it was not direct. But this has clearly not enough to disappoint them. The proof !