Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are a couple and it’s HOT on Instagram! Yes, except that in reality ben … No! After some careful investigation, we FINALLY found out the truth and the identity of the mysterious legs that we see on the picture a little rascal Justin Bieber posted. And the answer is final, it is NOT Kourtney Kardashian. Phew we want to say. because if the rumors about their relationship, the fact remains that this photo was rather shocking. But the truth, that these these famous gams
… belong to Jasmine Villanueva!




“Nobody is a prophet in his own land” … So I decided to move to Colombia and try your luck, I say luck, blessing, and looked in Medellin, Colombia what I love most: music.

Change country led me to write several songs, one of them made the whole world to know me with the song “Forgiveness” with Enrique Iglesias.

Happy ever said: “It is the best moment of my career, my comeback” and said, “No betting on me.”

Here we show you seven things you did not know this papurri lol
1.Nací in Boston, Massachusetts.
2.Mi favorite song is “Billie Jean” the great King Michael Jackson.
3. In my car I always listen to the tracks of the issues that I write. I am excited to show them to others to give me his opinion.
4.Me love to dance to Cheearleader Remix and materialistic. Pure flavor.
5. My favorite singer is Juan Luis Guerra.
6.For I love composing songs at the time depending on the woman.
7.Always I dreamed to be a successful solo artist, and I’m getting there.

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