Don Omar is a singer and songwriter born on the 10th of February 1978 who hails from Santurce, Puerto Rico. Since his debut in 1999 he has become one of the most succesful reggaeton artists in the world, with several gold and platinum albums to his name.

  • Born William Omar Landrón Rivera, Omar was a musical child from the very beginning. Soaking up the sounds of Vico C among many others, to the extent that he left behind what could have been a promising career in the protestant church to take up singing full time. He hit the ground running after deciding to pursue a singing career, appearing on a variety of underground compilation CD’s before truly finding his feet as a backup singer for Latin Pop sensations Héctor and Tito. He hit it off with them to the extent that the duos very own Héctor Delgado produced Omar’s first album, 2003’s “The Last Don”, and his life changed dramatically.

    “The Last Don” was a pretty astonishing hit for a reggaeton artist releasing his debut album. It went on to sell 300’000 copies in Latin America and, to this day, has sold over four million copies all over the world. Don Omar had arrived with style, and he was only going up from there. His second album, the aptly titled “King Of Kings”, broke him in America by reaching number seven on the Billboard 200, at the time the highest charting Reggaeton album in history.

    Since then, Omar’s had absolutely nothing to prove, and it’s allowed him to release albums at whatever pace he’d like with whatever new talent he finds. He shows the same kind of adventurous spirit that Héctor and Tito showed when working with him, passing that kind of opportunity down to a new generation of artist. He’s an artist with one eye constantly on the future, and he’s a true talent for that reason. Highly recommended.