NICKY JAM received 11 NOMINATIONS AT “PREMIOS BILLBOARDS 2016″of music latina. Urban singer of the moment continues to climb with latest easy.”HASTA EL AMANECER”


Nicky jam puerto Rican singer annouced in a press conference its 11 nominations to its sucess EL PERDON for Billboard Latin Music Awards 2016.Nominations were received in the categories of Artist of the Year, Hot Latin Song of the Year,Hot Latin Song of the Year Collaboration “EL PERDON” and Sunset by Farruko and Shaggy Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Song of the Year Airplay song of Digital Year,Song of the Year Streaming Latin Rhythm Song of the year ,Latin Rhythm Song of the Year ,Latin Rhythm Song Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.

I am extremely grateful and excited by these distinctions thank God I’m getting in this beautiful part of my life in the company of all my team,my family and my fans who have given me this second oppotunity to artistic life doing what I love “Nicky said, Latin Grammy winner”.

NICKY JAM also welcomes the nomination of his Producer” SAGA WHITE BLACK” as Producer of the Year and his company LA INDUSTRIA INC “Label of the Year”.

His new album single “Till Dawn” continues climbing the radial billboard,currently in the USA and is in eighth place in ” Hot Latin Songs” and in the first position on the undercard of Latin Digital Songs and vidéo just two weeks ,more than 42 million views on his YouTube channel NICKYJAMTV.

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No one who as paying attention to David Bowie’s career was surprised When he starting acting in movies.

Though his filmography is a varied one,it’s a regrettably small one. From “LABRYNTH” to Zoolander here are highlights from the late rocher’s side gig.David Bowie we left 69 years.Goodbye David.




Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are a couple and it’s HOT on Instagram! Yes, except that in reality ben … No! After some careful investigation, we FINALLY found out the truth and the identity of the mysterious legs that we see on the picture a little rascal Justin Bieber posted. And the answer is final, it is NOT Kourtney Kardashian. Phew we want to say. because if the rumors about their relationship, the fact remains that this photo was rather shocking. But the truth, that these these famous gams
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“Nobody is a prophet in his own land” … So I decided to move to Colombia and try your luck, I say luck, blessing, and looked in Medellin, Colombia what I love most: music.

Change country led me to write several songs, one of them made the whole world to know me with the song “Forgiveness” with Enrique Iglesias.

Happy ever said: “It is the best moment of my career, my comeback” and said, “No betting on me.”

Here we show you seven things you did not know this papurri lol
1.Nací in Boston, Massachusetts.
2.Mi favorite song is “Billie Jean” the great King Michael Jackson.
3. In my car I always listen to the tracks of the issues that I write. I am excited to show them to others to give me his opinion.
4.Me love to dance to Cheearleader Remix and materialistic. Pure flavor.
5. My favorite singer is Juan Luis Guerra.
6.For I love composing songs at the time depending on the woman.
7.Always I dreamed to be a successful solo artist, and I’m getting there.





Farruko (born May 2, 1991) is the stage name of Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, a Puerto Rican Latin pop and reggaeton singer from Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

At the tender age of 16 Rosado had been singing and producing songs, and utilising the music and social media site MySpace to find an audience for his music. In 2007 Rosado released his first single “Sexo Fuera del Planeta” which before long gained the singer thousands of followers on numerous social media sites. Due to this online pubic appeal, Rosado became known to radio and music industry executives who utilised the singer’s talents on other artists’ records.

In 2009 came Rosado’s debut album “El Talento del Bloque” which became popular in a very short period of time largely due to the collaborative singles “Su Hija Me Gusta”, “Ella No Es Facil” and “Traime a Tu Amiga”. Shortly after came the highly popular single “Pa Romper la Discoteca” with Daddy Yankee and Yomo, which didn’t feature on the singer’s debut.

Three years later in 2012 Rosado returned with his sophomore release “TMPR” The Most Powerful Rookie”. The album had five hit singles including the first “Feel the Rhythm” and glorified Farruko’s reputation as a talented pop and reggaeton singer. The album was ultimately nominated for a Latin Grammy the same year. Rosado’s subsequent album “Farruka Presenta los Menores” (2014) featuring a host of collaborations, expands the musician’s genre appeal with fusions into electro, neo-soul and funk.







Don Omar is a singer and songwriter born on the 10th of February 1978 who hails from Santurce, Puerto Rico. Since his debut in 1999 he has become one of the most succesful reggaeton artists in the world, with several gold and platinum albums to his name.

  • Born William Omar Landrón Rivera, Omar was a musical child from the very beginning. Soaking up the sounds of Vico C among many others, to the extent that he left behind what could have been a promising career in the protestant church to take up singing full time. He hit the ground running after deciding to pursue a singing career, appearing on a variety of underground compilation CD’s before truly finding his feet as a backup singer for Latin Pop sensations Héctor and Tito. He hit it off with them to the extent that the duos very own Héctor Delgado produced Omar’s first album, 2003’s “The Last Don”, and his life changed dramatically.

    “The Last Don” was a pretty astonishing hit for a reggaeton artist releasing his debut album. It went on to sell 300’000 copies in Latin America and, to this day, has sold over four million copies all over the world. Don Omar had arrived with style, and he was only going up from there. His second album, the aptly titled “King Of Kings”, broke him in America by reaching number seven on the Billboard 200, at the time the highest charting Reggaeton album in history.

    Since then, Omar’s had absolutely nothing to prove, and it’s allowed him to release albums at whatever pace he’d like with whatever new talent he finds. He shows the same kind of adventurous spirit that Héctor and Tito showed when working with him, passing that kind of opportunity down to a new generation of artist. He’s an artist with one eye constantly on the future, and he’s a true talent for that reason. Highly recommended.







CharlesAznavourTelAviv1NRJ Music Awards “: Adele ignites Cannes for his first stage since the Oscars

PERFORMANCE – A few days after the release of his song “Hello”, Adele is back on stage for the first time since the Oscars in 2013. And for a great time, she chose the “NRJ Music Awards 2015,” for show unfortunately registered in advance.

“Hello, it’s me …”. These words, you inevitably hear them: they are those of the brand new single from Adele. British singer will soon be back in stores with his album “25”, but in the meantime it is on the stage of “NRJ Music Awards” regaining its audience.

This was indeed more than two years she had not performed on stage. And for a size of opportunity: in 2013, she sang his worldwide hit “Skyfall” on the stage of the Oscars, the US. And since nothing, not one single concert or the least. The star had focused on his mom’s life and preparing for his new album.

A service registered in advance

The audience as viewers were delighted with this provision, and did not hesitate to inform their joy, their respect and emotion on social networks. Their only complaint? The provision for beautiful she was, was recorded in advance: it was not direct. But this has clearly not enough to disappoint them. The proof !